The Hill House
Food Mostly Local, usually organic

We have found that the very best quality food comes from small producers that are passionate about what they do. A list is available with names and addresses (the latest addition is St Anne's vineyard who make, apart from superb whites a wicked blackberry wine).

Eggs come from our own hens, we grow much of the veg we use.

When we have to use supermarkets, we choose organic and fairtrade products.

We grind coffee, and strain tea.

Vegetarian and Vegan, gluten and non gluten, kippers and custard.

Alex (the vegetarian) will cook for you without fuss on the understanding that frozen/microwaved veggie lasagne is never available* (see stocks').

Duncan handles the meaty side of things but vegetarians can trust his bubble and squeak.


The Hill House,
Howle Hill,
Telephone: 01989 562033
Email: [email protected]


You will need to brace your self. A large traditional local breakfast is served, all pork comes from 'Gloucester Old Spot' pigs. Although we don't do "lo-fat" the only things that are fried are the eggs, which can be poached or scrambled or raw (thrown at you in the stocks if required) - we aim to please.

An Olympic team marathon runner who stayed with us in 2002 reported it as the perfect balance of high energy slow release nutrution needed for running, walking, cycling and canoeing, or you could just go back to bed for a couple of hours.

There are no set times for breakfast